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What to do if Avast is not running on Windows 10?

Avast antivirus is one of its kind and considered as the best antivirus software among other antiviruses. Avast is compatible with Windows 10 but still is not free from technical errors. There are a few errors which are faced by Avast users and can be resolved by taking assistance from the skilled professionals.

a) Avast won’t start
If you are facing error in loading Avast antivirus, you can try to repair the software. Firstly click on the start and type control panel, now you have to launch Control Panel. Now, go to programs and uninstall a program then select on Avast and repair. When the whole process is done, you can restart your computer and check the error is still existing or not.

b) Windows 10 Action centre unable to recognize Avast
This is the most frequent issue when Windows 10 unable to recognize Avast. You might receive this error in pop up message at down side of your computer with the message ‘ Windows defender and Avast antivirus both turned off’ or ‘Window is unable to find antivirus program’.

• To fix this error on immediate basis can happen, all you have to do is click on Avast icon in Taskbar and click on shield control button and disable it for 10 minutes.
• After that, you have to follow the same process and enable all the shields.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can fix the issue immediately without taking much time. In case, the issue still persists, you are advised to take assistance from the team of skilled professionals who are there to assist you. You can call on Avast Customer Service which is functional and users can talk to the elite professionals anytime for availing fruitful results immediately.